Spotlight #5: Days of Fandom Past with Dave Merrill


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Today, Grant and Zen are joined by special guest Dave Merrill (aka @terebifunhouse) author of the most excellent Let’s Anime blog for a chat about anime fandom of yesteryear.  We cover everything from clubs and cons, to zines, classic shows, and your twitter questions.  Enjoy!

If you have questions or comments about the show, please feel free to shoot us an Email or leave a comment below.

Thanks for listening!

One thought on “Spotlight #5: Days of Fandom Past with Dave Merrill”

  1. Was a little late on listening but awesome episode. I always love to hear about how it was to be a fan in the older days.

    Thanks for reading out my questions; I would have loved to see Noboru Ishiguro in person but unfortunately I didn’t start going to conventions out of state until last year (and I only started going to the convention in-state two years before that) so too late for me sadly.

    I also find that I pretty much choose what to watch entirely by whim. But I also don’t feel the need to watch something just because everyone else is talking about it. I definitely lag behind when it comes to the current hits. My reasoning is that (hopefully) there’ll still be a way to watch it later down the road, so there’s really no rush. This does mean that I lose out on the ongoing discussion that happens, but it’s not enough typically for me to draw my attention from older things that I am more in the mood to check out.

    That being said I am probably not checking out enough ongoing things as I’d like (and hence the problem of the never-ending backlog pile becomes exacerbated).

    – Austin

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