#33: Devilman Crybaby / Godzilla: Monster Planet


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It’s a Netflix Double Feature, as the Blade Licking Thieves review Devilman Crybaby AND Godzilla: Monster Planet – in one episode!

  • Devilman Crybaby Review (00:00) ; Twitter Questions (1:20:24)
  • Godzilla: Monster Planet Review (1:26:24) ; Twitter Questions (2:02:20)


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7 thoughts on “#33: Devilman Crybaby / Godzilla: Monster Planet”

  1. I definitely didn’t think the new Godzilla movie was good but I wasn’t as down on it as you guys were. The movie definitely would have benefited from more time to breathe, the constant talking about technobabble or moving the plot forward lead to everyone besides MC having no character or character development whatsoever, something I hope can be remedied in the future movies. However, to get to my real point, I wouldn’t be so down on the idea of CG Godzilla as a whole. I thought this movie was less a referendum on CGI in Japan and more on the limits Polygon Picture’s anime style. I say this because outside of their older collaborations with Production I.G on Oblivion Island and GITS, the quality of Polygon Pictures work in anime has been very hit or miss when animating organic things. I think in a lot of ways the studio’s struggles can be traced back to them starting their push into anime with Tsutomu Nihei’s work. The studio seems to have adopted Nihei’s very oppressive and often sterile look and made their incomplete replication of Nihei’s style, one that was already pretty limiting, their aesthetic when working on anime.

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  2. At 46 minutes all the three of you misunderstood something. The corpse in Miko’s apartment was Butterfly’s, one of the rappers. Besides the legs you can see parts of his hands with the letters of his name.

    And… oh, yeah, the Godzilla movie!
    Had already forgotten that it came out.

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  3. First time listener here! You guys have a really great chemistry together and I felt welcome from the get-go. Devilman is one of the few animes I’ve seen, but listening to you guys makes me want to watch more anime just to listen to more episodes of Blade Licking Thieves after! Great insight & well thought out theories. Plus fart jokes. A++!

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