#20: Gozu


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Review (51:08):

Today, the thieves take a wrong turn and end up in the incredibly bizarre and unsettling world of Gozu, a film directed by Takashi Miike, who, though, he has since gained a measure of respectability, was once known in the West for his anything goes, flyby night films set predominately in the horror and yakuza genres (of which Gozu, from 2003, is no exception).  The film stars Sho Aikawa and Yuta Sone as two yakuza brothers, Ozaki and Minami that head off from Tokyo towards a small town on some unknown business; however, soon after arriving, Ozaki goes missing, setting Minami off on a quest to find his friend amidst a backdrop freakish residents, bizarre happenings, and even stranger secrets.  This is one weird film.  Tune in, as we unravel the mysteries of Gozu!

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5 thoughts on “#20: Gozu”

  1. Man, your ex – roommate must have been a terrible person to subject you to the horrors of Gozu, DOA(x 3… at least I forget) and countless others. What was the one that had the woman in the tub of pooh? I mean fecies, not honey bears.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey! I want to say the infamous kiddie pool scene you’re referring to is from the first Dead or Alive; I might have to nix that re-watch.


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