#16: Paprika


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Intro, What We’ve Been Watching, and News (00:00)

Review (53:04):

2006 saw the release of Satoshi Kon’s final film, Paprika, about a group of scientists slash psychotherapists that use an experimental device called the DC Mini to enter into the dreams of their patients in order to solve their problems; however, when several of the the devices are stolen, the dreams of multiple individuals begin to merge, and the fantastic becomes all too real as the barrier between dreams and the real world begins to crumble.  Tune in for our review!


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2 thoughts on “#16: Paprika”

  1. Thanks Panino! I’ve heard of the Setsuko Hara connection before, but its a nice reminder that I need to explore her filmography more in depth before we tackle Millenium Actress (that will probably not be anytime soon, BTW). Glancing at her imdb page, I see lots of Ozu films on there that should be a treat to watch, especially, as I’ve only seen his Tokyo Story. Generally speaking, Japanese movies that deal with contemporary life or family drama (i.e. not genre stuff) is a major blind spot for all of the hosts here that we certainly are going to try to rectify.


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