Bonus #1: Gelato is a Lie! feat. TheSubtleDoctor (Warui Deshou)

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Today’s episode is a bit different than usual, as we’ve thrown out the usual review episode format and in its place have a special bonus episode featuring guest and friend of the show TheSubtleDoctor.  You can find Doc’s writing at The Fandom Post and the excellent Wave Motion Cannon; or, you can hear him as one of the hosts on the awesome Warui Deshou Podcast — if you haven’t yet checked any of those fine things out, get on it!  So, join us for a mostly thoughtless and very likely ill-informed discussion on a variety  topics we have no business discussing, such as: fanservice, Gundam, the truth behind Gelato, the news, and what the heck is anime anyways?

And Just Because:

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