Return of Godzilla

#7: Return of Godzilla


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What we’ve been watching (00:00):

  • JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureLegend of Korra, DC Animated Universe, Space Brothers, Southern Cross, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  • Southern Cross’s “Cosmic Deja Vu  might be the most appropriately titled opening theme song ever.

News (36:15):

Finally, at 1:06:13, the Cold War threatens to turn hot in Toho’s Return of Godzilla, the 1984 franchise reboot, directed by Koji Hashimoto, that kicked off the Heisei era. 


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4 thoughts on “#7: Return of Godzilla”

  1. Looks like that Japanese Godzilla trailer has scenes/shots that weren’t used in the final cut of the film. Neat!

    This episode was a blast to record and listen to. It’s probably my favorite so far!

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