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#47: Dragon Ball Super: Broly


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After appearing as the overpowered, screaming meathead of villainy — and enduring power fantasy of twelve year old boys worldwide — in not one, not two, but three (count’em) previous Dragon Ball films, Toei producers, through either massive payments of undisclosed cash or a nefarious, undisclosed blackmail scheme, have finally forced series creator Akira Toriyama to officially recognize their most divisive creation with the arrival of the new film Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Did Toriyama spin a decent yarn?  Did One Piece: Film Z and Dragon Ball Super series director Tatsuya Nagamine bring the goods?  Did Toei animation finally remember how to draw the characters from one of their most enduring and popular franchises ever?  Does wearing a DBZ shirt to the theater amplify your power levels or merely strengthen your body odor?  The BLT crew is back from the theater with all the answers!

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