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Spotlight #3: Kaijumax with Zander Cannon



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Apologies in advance for some of this episode’s audio issues.

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Show Notes

We recently had the special privilege of talking with American cartoonist, and Eisner award winning comic author and artist, Zander Cannon about his wonderful series Kaijumax.  A uniquely original prison drama about life on the inside, where the inmates just so happen to be giant monsters a.k.a. Kaiju, Kaijumax is an insanely hilarious comic mashup that’s absurd, gross, hilarious, heartfelt, and filled with enough parodies, homages, and references to please and amuse everyone from battle hardened fans of Kaiju and Tokusatsu to relative newbies alike.

Our conversation together covers Kaijumax, drawing and writing comics, favorite Kaiju films, and a whole heapin’ lot of Toku talk:

00:00 – KaijuMax
32:03 – On creating your own comic
37:52 – What’s next for KaijuMax
41:37 – Tokusatsu discussion
1:17:45 – Twitter questions

You can read a preview of Kaijumax #1 here.

Digital versions are available at Oni-Press and Comixology. Print versions can be found at your local comic shop or available in trade paperback: Kaijumax Season 1 Kaijumax Season 2.  You can find Zander’s other work, including Double Barrel and Heck, over at Top Shelf Comix.

Major thanks again to Zander for being on the show.