#39: Hard Boiled


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There’s action-packed.  And then there’s Hard Boiled (1992) — John Woo’s final spectacular outing with superstar Chow Yun-Fat in which gun-toting, rough and tumble detective, Tequila (Yun-Fat) partners with undercover officer Alan (Tony Leung) to take on a villainous gang of gun-running triads.

  • What We’ve Been Watching + News (00:00)
  • Review (33:45)
  • Twitter Questions (1:59:52)

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2 thoughts on “#39: Hard Boiled”

  1. Another great episode. I always enjoy hearing you guys on the pod. I just had two comments in response to some things.

    First, I’m all for a Face/Off review by BLT! I loved that movie as a kid and would love to hear you guys get into it. At the very least, your mention of it here has definitely got me wanting to rewatch it.

    Second, if you’re ever interested in delving into the entirety of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RotTK), I highly recommend Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s Sangokushi manga. He’s mostly known here for his mecha works (Tetsujin 28, Giant Robo, etc.), but he has a great body of work dealing with historical manga too. Sangokushi is a 60 volume adaptation of RotTK which is very accessible and yet still very good. Some even credit this manga for the popularity of RotTK in post-war Japan. It’s among the best selling manga of all time and completely deserving of it. Again, I know it’s long, but that’s just RotTK. I really do recommend giving the manga a try if you’re curious.

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  2. Thanks for listening Egg! Glad you dug it. I’m going to put extra pressure on the fellahs to watch Face/Off now lol.

    And definitely intrigued by the manga rec. I’m looking into it now!


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