Anime Jukebox – Fire Wars

Oh. Oh man. Dear Friends, do you feel it? Sometimes there’s a song that comes along that lights something in your soul. It lights a FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYA!!!

I’m speaking, of course, of Fire Wars, the opening theme for the Mazinkaiser ova series, masterfully rocked by the legendary JAM Project.¬†

JAM Project is probably a pretty familiar band if you’re in any way up to speed¬†with the Super Robot Wars game series, as they’ve performed many of the title tracks for that series along with many other super robot shows over the years. Interestingly, the Mazinkaiser super robot owes its origin to the same series, as it was originally introduced in Super Robot Wars F Final.

We’re halfway to Friday, folks. Just sit back, relax, and we’ll be at ‘DON’T WANNA KNOW, EVERYBODY READY GET IT ON!’ in no time.


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