#4: The God of Cookery

The God of Cookery Poster

Download Link: Episode 4 – God of Cookery –  Chow Time

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Random Discussion:

  • DC Animated Universe
  • American Cartoons influenced by anime (new Voltron, Avatar, Steven Universe, etc.)
  • Dub vs Sub talk

News (25:19):

Finally, we review The God of Cookery — Stephen Chow’s totally bonkers and incredibly hilarious 1996 comedy film that riffs on everything from Hong Kong street gangs to shaolin kung-fu to, of course, Iron Chef.  Review starts at 41:54.


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Thanks for listening!


3 thoughts on “#4: The God of Cookery”

    1. Hey Elwood, thanks so much for checking us out! It’s pretty encouraging that this review is how you found us, since it’s an early one we’ve always been fond of but hasn’t exactly put up big numbers. I’ll have to look into your pod as well.

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